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We help your organization raise money by selling American Flags.

Read why:

Shortly after September 11, 2001, Americans united in great force. We showed our solidarity by posting American flags at our homes and businesses. There were streets lined with flags and great American pride swelled within our hearts. Since that time, we have lost some of our push to stand as one. Our aim is to bring that unity back!

We are the remedy. We are here to raise that Patriotic Spirit we all felt not so long ago. Men and women have served this land even before this nation was known as the United States of America and they still stand firm and resolute now to maintain our freedoms and our rights. We salute these soldiers.

Join us in showing that American Pride! It’s as easy as putting a flag up in front of your home or business, once again. We will help you. We provide one easy service, in Southern California, for you to display your support for our freedom.

Fund Raising for your Organization: Some people have a really torn up flag flying as we speak. See our pictures page for an example or two. We want to change that flag out as soon as possible with a good flag. ¬†With our fundraising program, your team, group, or family sells American flags for only $20 each. Your organization gets to keep 50%. It’s very simple. Your group pre-sells the flags, collects the money and delivers the flags. We supply the flags and the proceeds for your hard work. Our flags will typically fly true (not fading, tearing, or ripping) for 8 months to even over a year in southern California’s climate.

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